Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Anantha Padmanabha Swamy temple at Tiruvananthapuram

The AnanthaPadmanabha Swamy temple is one of the renowned Vedic shrines in India. It is located at Tiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala in India. It is on the name of this temple that this city got its name.

What makes this temple special?
The temple tower is the primary attraction. Shining in gold color and slightly larger than those from Tamilnadu and Andhra architecture, the tower looks fabulous. The temple has four entrances called nadas in four directions.
East nada
East nada through which usually entrance is made into this temple. On both sides of this road, shopping options are found in plenty.

The hugely vast corridor of this temple contains hundreds of granite stone pillars which show case marvelous architecture and takes one's soul into a trance. One has to enter this holy shrine only in traditional attire as mentioned by the temple authorities. Provisions are also made to provide traditional clothes to tourists who don't know this rule. Even the police and other security personnel who perform their duties inside the temple are seen only in traditional dress. As one steps into this temple, the peaceful corridors, the soft sea sand beneath the feet and the traditional Kerala style temple architecture draws their whole attention. This temple has vast assets in the form of Gold making it the richest temple in the world.

The holy idol of Padmanabha swamy is very huge in a lying position and one cannot see it all at once. Three looks are needed to view the entire idol. The view of the deity has a captivating power that cannot be expressed in words.

After the darshan, a small lump made of sandal and rose water is given to devotees which is to be applied on foreheads. It draws away heat from the  body and keeps it cool. The aravana prasadam , (the holy food as an offering of the to the God) is available at the exit entrance. It is made of jaggery, Kerala rice, milk, ghee and other condiments. It tastes amazing and leaves you wanting for more.

Another attraction of this temple is the temple tank which is considered very holy and adds lovely look to the temple.

Books on Kerala tradition and culture, temples of India and tourist places in Kerala and India etc are available inside the temple. Various items which showcase Kerala tradition and culture, items made of wood and coir, traditional dresses and sarees are available on either sides of east nada road.

P.S: Why I've written about this temple?
Because I got the luckiest opportunity to visit this temple twice with my family. I learnt the true and inner meaning of my life after visiting this temple.

Vital Nutrients for the elderly

Age healthily
Health is more important than any other in old age.

Aging is the process that always worries anyone. Nobody wants a older age suffering from health problems, nobody to take care and sometimes feeling burden to their own selves. Along with regular health checkups, proper diet and exercise are important for elderly to stay active and healthy. Women in the older age tend to be more weak and fragile because of many issues like menopause, anemia, joint pains and many other problems. Here is a list of nutrients that need to be taken in for elderly women that helps them overcome their health issues.
  1. Calcium: Required for active functioning of bones and found in milk,eggs, cereals, cabbage, cauliflower and soy products.
  2. Folic acid: Responsible for heart protection and formation of new red blood cells. Consumption of leafy vegetables, eggs, citrus fruits and pulses provides them to our body.
  3. Vitamin D: Fat less milk, cur and milk products this vitamin which is responsible for bone density.
  4. Vitamin B12: Responsible for keeping anemia under control and helps fight depression, anxiety and memory loss. Easily available from eggs, milk,fish and chicken. Supplements also can be taken under medical guidance.
Ensure that the diet for elderly people contains above nutrients to keep them active and healthy.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Spice Garden at Munnar- Teaching you the Origin of Spices

Betel nuts are born from this tall tree

Nut meg tree

Figs growing in bunches at their tree base

Cocoa plant

Red and juicy strawberries

My husband showing to my son the Touch me not plant

Cardamom growing at the base of the stem

Do you know that coffee grows like this?

Tender and green cloves

It's not betel, look at the pepper growing!!
Pure and fresh white hibiscus, looking like an innocent baby

Pink hibiscus

Yellow feast to our eyes!!

Red and blushing..looks like a king!!

Friday, 7 March 2014

10 career tips for Modern woman

Career is just not doing the same job over the years and retiring in the old age. It is proving one's own abilities, honing their skills and growing up the ladders of success. It involves hard work and determination apart from continuous learning. Women face more challenges compared to men in attaining success in career due to multiple reasons like marriage, child care, health issues etc. However, with proper planning and co-operation from family members this would not be a problem. Lot of tips are needed to stay active daily at office and to attain success. Here is a list of top ten ideas that would work at your work place.

1. Maintain a planner: Note all the points in a planner so that you don't miss any. Never hesitate to carry a pen and notes to your meetings. Though many apps are available for noting down points, nothing beats a book and a pen. Learn to say 'no' to avoid unnecessary burden and distractions.

2. Improve your qualification: Keep updating your self in your field by doing any certifications, correspondence courses, publishing papers, giving or attending seminars on your subject. Learn every week a new concept apart from your routine work. Be in constant touch with market in your field.

3. Set a goal: Form a career goal for short term and long term. Take advise of your seniors and tips from your juniors. Be first to listen and learn.

4. Stay healthy: A healthy mind in a healthy body. Concentrate on your health. Monitor your exercise, diet and sleep patterns. Develop a hobby,meditate and do yoga to reduce stress.

5. Be positive: Take all comments and feedback from your colleagues in a positive manner. Never take them to heart and don't let them depress you. You know what you are capable of!! Yellow color boosts positive energy in oneself. So have a fresh yellow rose on your work desk or fill your monitor screen with yellow color wall paper.

6.Improve your bio-data: Don't forget to update your bio-data with your achievements and accomplishments as and when you achieve them. This adds a positive energy to you.

7. Pat yourself: Celebrate your every winning moment and note them down. Appreciate yourself by gifting and praising in front of a mirror. Wake up each day with new energy enough to make you love your work.

8. Seek cooperation: If you are not getting help from your family members, take some time and discuss with them. Tell them their importance and share some tasks to them reduce your burden. Don't try to be a super woman.

9. Check your financial status: Regularly check your financial plannings. A correct financial plan gives enough courage and confidence to go ahead in life.

10. Believe yourself: Work hard, think smart, trust your skills, constantly keep improving them and move ahead in positive direction. Remember, there are no short cuts to success. No pain, no gain. But fruits of labor are always sweet!!

All the best!!

Happy Woman's Day!!