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Tricks to make food more appeasing to children

Tricks to make food more appeasing to children

As a mom, i have many experiences as to how testing it would be to give a wholesome food to my kid. It would be a real relief to any mom  if  kids consumes at least half of what is given to them. This is a daily challenge if you are working mom who runs on wheels in the mornings. Little plan and creativity is a must while designing food for children. Certain tricks and ideas might make this task easily done.

  • Use plates and bowls of different colors,, designs and shapes  to appease their eyes. Give them option as to which color or shape or design they would prefer for that day's meal. Stores are flooded with many options and choose some which suits your pocket. Make sure the colors and material are food grade.

  • Try to decorate any recipe using cherries, strawberries, nuts, dry fruits, choco chips, sauces,jams or fruits. Make them as interesting as possible that children should cry for more!! Browse the net for ideas or use your creativity.

  • If your child is reluctant to eat or drink anything, don't force and go for other alternative for that moment. Later,think over what can be done to make that item interesting to your kid. For instance, if your child doesn't show interest in drinking milk, change the current milk mix, opt for another brand or get another flavor or color of it or choose any other form like mixing with corn flakes of various flavors or something like that.
  • At dinner, don't put on cartoons or tv's and give a plate and spoon to them. Tell the kid interesting stories which make him forget about the food and also strengthen your bond of love.
  • Follow almost same timings  daily for meals so that the kid's body is tuned accordingly.  Erratic meal schedules can disturb hunger levels of anybody.
  • If you are opting for snacks in between meals, maintain minimum two hour gap between snack and meal. Also check that the snack is neither too heavy nor unhealthy. Opt for home made fresh food and avoid junk food.
  • Keep the menu interesting and add new recipes  often. Don't repeat the same recipe at least for a week and bore them.
  • Don't ponder too much if your kid misses a meal once a while. Compensate it with a fruit or an omelette  or a healthy homemade sandwich. Kids usually have wavering appetite till 5 years.
  • Consult your pediatrician and ask multivitamin syrups to provide all required nutrients to them and to increase their appetite. 

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Hair is the crowning glory for any body's look

Hair is the crowning glory for any body's look.

Hair is the crowning glory for any body's look. The recent changes in lifestyle, pollution , food habits and stress is causing hair loss irrespective of age at an alarming levels. Every year millions of business runs around hair products in the beauty market, which shows the severity of the problem. Having an awareness of causes and preventive measures for hair loss and the care to be taken means a lot of help to us.

Causes of hair loss in women:

1. Deliveries, operations, chemotherapy and contraceptives are known for their side effect of hair loss.
2. Wrong dieting without proper medical guidance for a long stretch is very bad to hair.
3.Protein and iron deficiency, thyroid disorders, typhoid conditions triggers hair loss.
4. Stress, depression and severe psychological issues negatively effect hair growth.
5.Fungal infections and dandruff are direct causes for hair loss.
6. Wearing hair too tightly with pins, bands, clips; not drying hair properly and combing wet hair in a hurry; wearing tight caps; combing too much; using hair colors, unwanted hair styling treatments; too frequent head baths; not oiling or  not oiling at allare all causes of hair fall.

Tips to prevent hair loss:

1. Use contraceptives or any high power drugs on doctor's advise only.
2. Improper dieting or fad diets are strict no nos. Take proper guidance if you want to go on a diet.
3. Consume food rich in protein like green leafy vegetables, veggies and fruits, eggs, cheese, milk, curd, soy, tofu, panneer, cereals as a part of balanced diet to strengthen your hair.
4.Use wide mouthed combs and plait your hair loose. Allow your hair to breathe.
5. Drink enough water to prevent split ends and to let your hair shine.
6.Let your hair dry naturally to air. Avoid using hair driers very frequently.
7. Massage your hair with lukewarm coconut oil twice a week in circular motion. It improves blood circulation to hair roots and strengthens them.
8. Use lukewarm water for hair bath. Hot water can weaken hair follicles. Head bath twice a week is sufficient, overly doing it may remove all natural oils required for hair growth.
9. Do certain yoga poses specially designed to improve blood circulation to hair.
10. Avoid sharing combs with others to prevent any unwanted infections from spreading.

My mom is always 20!!!

My mom is always 20!!!

Open your photo album and compare your photos while you were in college, during your engagement, marriage, before and after your child is born. Thought the outcome is slightly disappointing, but that's the fact of life!! A woman's body undergoes many changes after delivering children. Household tasks, taking care of kids, working at office meeting deadlines, fulfilling family's requirements etc., takes away ladies time leaving no single moment to care about her body.

Most of us take care while we are at college worrying for those pimples or going to parlor without fail, however busy we are with our studies. No need to mention how we care ourselves once marriage is fixed to look our best on that big day. We junk all oil foods, apply face packs, do little exercises to lose weight, take extra care about looks, take more salads to avoid face look oily and all blah blah blah. Once honeymooning is over and we get back into our daily chores whether at work or at home, slowly we start neglecting our body and looks. And when we become mom, that's the end of our beauty maintenance era. Though all these stages cannot be avoided in a woman's life, there is no rule that one need to stop caring our body once they become a mom.

Looking good is not about looking sexy. Looking good is all about gaining confidence in ourselves and attaining success both at work and at home.

When you believe you look good, you don't think twice to open your mind in any meetings or in any occasion. You deliver whatever you want to without any hesitation and get your things done. When you look good and dress accordingly, respect comes to you.

Follow these simple but effective tips to attain your 20's looks and keep maintaining them to win your children's compliment "my mom always looks 20" .

1. Ditch late nights, get a healthy 7 hour sleep and wake up before sunrise:

Don't watch tv too late or work on computer at nights. Keep all those electronic gadgets out of your bedroom and prepare for your better night sleep two hours after your dinner. Wake up before sunrise, get into balcony and enjoy the beauty of sunrise and fresh air. Stretch your body and let your muscles get enough fresh air to keep you active and healthy. Let the sun rays give you enough activeness for the day throughout.

 2. Drink milk or any juice to break your fast within half an hour of rising from bed:

As soon as you wake up, rinse your mouth with water, drink two glasses of water. If you have time, drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice and a tbsp of honey. Honey when mixed with warm water has a property of fighting with bad fat in our body while lemon cleanses our digestive system. After brushing your teeth, make sure you eat or drink something healthy because studies show that those women who don't consume within half an hour of waking up are more prone to anemia. Better options here are tea, coffee, milk or any fresh juice or fruit.

3. Have a healthy and wholesome breakfast, don't skip breakfast for God's sake:

Ensure you get enough protein, fiber and carbohydrates from your breakfast. Opt for traditional menu as it suits your genetic structure and climate. Those who want to reduce weight, have break fast in a reduced quantity, but never skip it. Skipping breakfast is dangerous in the long run. It could lead to diabetes, obesity, anemia and other problems. If you have very small kids whom you need to feed, then first you have your breakfast and then you will have enough energy and patience to feed them. Else it becomes too late by the time you have your breakfast which is not good to your body.

4. Get enough physical exercise:

Since I am talking about moms, I know exercising in the early morning is not possible, especially in the Indian scenario, where moms are flooded with lot of household tasks right from giving bed coffee to husband to packing lunch boxes. If you can wake up around 4.30 or so you can grip some time for exercise but if you can't, never mind. There are alternatives for everything because something is better than nothing.

Break your exercising time into two half an hour intervals or 15 mins intervals in a day and go for simple tasks like spot jogging, skipping without thread,push ups, weight training using dumbbell or a water bottle, do sit ups, climb stairs twice or thrice, walk to the market, walk wherever you can, sit down while cutting vegetables, do house hold work by yourselves (if you are in a small family), sit down while having meals in Indian way or sit down when reading newspaper or watching tv because it gives you enough exercise. In simple words, try what all you can follow from your grandmother's days because those daily tasks only kept them very active. (I am not asking you to cook on a firewood, please be practical!!!)

5. Healthy Snacking:

As a mid meal snack or an evening snack, don't go for samosas and other deep fried items. They may taste well for that moment, but when you look at long run they contribute nothing to your beauty and health. Go for healthier options like a plate of fruits or veg salads with green tea as a mid meal snack. Have a bowl of unsalted popcorn or sweet corn or a brown bread sandwich or a home made veg roll with evening tea.Avoid junk food like noodles, puffs, deep fries, pizzas, burgars, sweets etc. and opt for fruits and veggies instead.

6. Have a wholesome lunch at correct time:

If you are a home maker and you have kids coming home at lunch, have it before they are at home. If at office, ensure you have lunch around 1-2 PM, because our digestive system is most active at that time. Opt for home made lunch, if you are at office because it protects your health and beauty in the long run. Your lunch should comprise rice/rotis with enough veggies, cereals, curd. Don't skip curd or milk to lose weight. Milk and curd helps in weight loss and provides enough calcium which is quite essential to a woman. 

7.Eat variety of foods at regular intervals.

Eating rotis for weight loss is ok but if you keep on eating rotis daily you may get bored of them. Eat variety of food items like cereals, white rice, brown rice, rotis, tiffins,with different combinations so that you don't feel bored and also your body receives  all types of nutrients.Maintain regular timings for meals and don't confuse your biological clock. Consume enough water and liquids to keep your skin glowing.

8. Include raw diet in small portions and gradually increase it.

Raw food like carrot, beetroot, cucumber keeps the level of visceral fat i.e, fat around belly under control. Carry these in your lunch packs and snack at office or include them as a mid noon snack at home. But make sure you eat them at some time. They can also be consumed as juice but don't add sugar in the juice. They keep your skin and body healthy and glowing. Make sure you drink at least a glass of raw veggie juice a day.

9. Spend some time for your beauty:

Find some time to yourself. Get a relaxed oil massage with olive oil or coconut oil once or twice a week followed by a nice head bath. It relaxes you from top to toe. Maintain a daily beauty regime. Check from various options available in your own kitchen. Don't hide or feel shy about taking care of your beauty. Your beauty is your right.

10.Stay Active, Plan ahead and Be positive:

Plan anything in advance, either it is what to cook the next day or the task to be completed at office or what dress you wear at work for next day's meeting- to avoid unnecessary stress. Get enough physical movements at office and don't stick to your chair, take breaks, drink water, have a walk in the lawn to get enough sun exposure. be positive in your thoughts and don't take unnecessary comments to heart. Learn to say NO when you can't do it, heavens are not going to fall down.

11. Open your heart and make some own space:

Share all your emotions with your life partner. Happy married life ensures healthier and longer life for both sexes. Make some space for you and continue your hobbies or learn something new like stitching, painting, dancing, learning new language or write a diary.  Spare some time in a day for your own self.

12. Healthy mom means a healthier family:

Don't ignore your health. Never postpone health checkups or ignore minor ailments. Get regular checkups and meet your doctor to get advice on your health and nutrition. A healthy mom means a healthier family.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

A guide to perfect gifting!!!

A guide to perfect gifting

Gifts are one of the best forms of expressing our feelings towards others. It is better to express in the form of a gift as the second person might not be able to understand the feelings hidden in our heart all the times. Hardly no one dislikes gifts. However, proper care need to be taken while selecting gifts. Various factors like age, sex, habits,  hobbies, colors, attitude, profession, likes and dislikes of the gift receiver should be kept in mind before selecting the gift. Below are my ideas about  perfect gifting. I would love to receive yours too.........

For Kids:

 In my view, children in the age group of just born to 6 years can be considered kids. Because that's the stage where they are very innocent, questions everything and accepts what their parents say. Many occasions like naming the infant, first rice eating ceremony, ear piercing,  birthdays etc., are celebrated with pomp and joy in India. Depending on the age of the infant and occasion, lots of gift options are available to us. In this way kids are very lucky because elders don't have so many :-)

  • Infant kits are available from various brands which contains soap, body wash, oils, diapers, soft tissues etc. in various price options. Next time you are going to visit a newly born baby, don't forget to carry one and gift it to the baby. They mean a lot to baby as well as to the new mom!!
  •  At the baby's naming ceremony or first feeding ceremony, many guests usually opt for dresses and toys to the baby. They perfectly suit the occasion and while selecting toys, take care that they are non hazardous to the baby. Many rattling toys and infant toys are available. take the help of online stores if you want to be more selective. Opt for branded toys as they promise non-poisonous colors and materials in their making.
  • If the baby's family is very close to you and you wish to spend more on gifting, opt for gold or cash for gifting. If you can gift really more you can even plan a fixed deposit on baby's name.
  • While planning for a first birthday's gift, opt for a walker or  rocking horses and am sure kids will have lot of fun with them. Browse on  the net to select from lots of available options on many online stores.
  • Dresses and toys are never a disappointing gifts to children, but while selecting a dress, check with the baby's parent about size and color because kids dresses are damn costly. There is nothing wrong with it and later no need to repent if the size doesn't fit or color is not liked by the kid.

For Children:

Children in the age of 6-12 years loves experimenting on various hobbies like drawing, playing music, riding cycle, painting,various outdoor and indoor games, reading cartoons or science books or whatever is their area of interest. Find out from their parents and select a gift accordingly. Trust me, they'll love you like anything !!!

For girls, barbies, make up kits (designed for children are available), dressing accessories like sandals, goggles, hair bands, bangles, watches etc., suits well too.

Don't gift something which is not suggested for children like a video game, a mobile or something which doesn't suit their age or something they might get hooked up to. Let them have enough physical activity and take a breathe of fresh air outside.

For Teenagers:

As everyone says, it is hard to understand a teenager's mind. It may be tough, but not impossible. If we maintain rapport with them and try to enter their shoes, understanding them is not a big deal. This is the age which can make or break one's life. Guidance is very important to them, though they think they need one.

Any influential autobiography for a book worm or a gift suiting their hobbies or dreams will perfectly do the need. If you want to gift them really memorable, give them a gift coupon which allows them to hang out with their friends, they will really enjoy it because friends mean a lot to them at that age.

For Men:

If you are planning a gift to your boyfriend, go for greeting cards, key chains, bags, t-shirts with captions, goggles, neck and wrist chains etc... The ideas are left to you depending on his likes and interests.

Wallets, shoes, ties, watches, perfumes, deos suits well when you are searching gifts for your husband. Suits, blazers, any branded wear will do if you have a high budget. If you wish to give romantically, ideas are unlimited but a refreshing massage in a spa, a candle light dinner at a beach or restaurant are just a few. If your husband is a fitness freak, gift him a pair of dumbell or any exercise equipment, if budget permits

If a cricket match or any sport is scheduled on tv on his birthday or your marriage day or any day you wanted to celebrate, just hand over the tv remote to his hand and don't disturb him till he finishes watching it. Just watch the spark in his eyes. No gift can ever  bring that, i bet!!

For Women:

The world is not enough!!!! You read it right, the world is not enough. You gift a lady and she wants more because ladies are always big hearted ;-)

Dresses, sarees, a pair of jeans, t-shirts, long skirts, tops and all models on earth in ladies fashion ... select which she loves a lot. Hobby oriented gifts like books, plants, pets, painting kits will do better. Makeup kits, dressing accessories like handbags, bangles, watches,goggles, anklets, rings,footwear etc, are evergreen gifting ideas. Roses, perfumes,chocolates are always loved by ladies.

If you are a romantic husband planning to surprise your wife, book an appointment in a spa or gift her an excellent beauty parlor service or plan a romantic trip without informing her to celebrate her day. She will cherish it forever!!! Gold, platinum and diamonds are always precious gifts.You can also opt to buy her a fitness equipment if she is a fitness freak. Buy some kitchen equipment which makes her tasks easier. If she is a career icon, gift her some course which improves her career.

A no cost but tough to do tip for husbands: give your wife rest for that complete day and do all household tasks like cooking (don't order from hotel, cook on your own) and taking care of kids at home and maintain house for that single day. That's enough man to make her feel a queen!!


This is the age where people don't opt for physical gifts, so better gift them by understanding their needs. Plan for a complete health check up or  take them on a tour they had been longing for or plan a get together at home informing all relatives (they will feel really happy). Gift them books on their interests or join them in any hobby club or yoga center. If they are missing their children and grand children, plan so that they spend a day or two with them, because relationships are forever!!!!

Holidaying tips

Holidaying tips

Who doesn't love to travel, explore and enjoy the beauty of various places?? With changing lifestyle, stress has become an indispensable part of our lives. Many are voting for travel as best option to beat the monotony of life.Whether you are a lonely adventurer or a lovely gang of friends  or a honeymooning couple or a holidaying family or an elderly couple, certainly some precautions need to be taken before you step out of your home on a trip. In this post I made an attempt to cover all the tips required at various places and would really love to listen from your side too......

Hill Stations:

Breathtaking views of valleys with tallest of tall trees, water falls, cool fresh air, the flora and fauna and the views of buildings amidst forests make hill stations the top choice either for a honeymooning couple or for any one to beat the summer heat. The noiseless surroundings and the purest of pure air are sure to promise you a relaxing experience. However, certain precautions need to be taken while on a trip to hill station to make it more memorable.

  • Rely on reviews on web while selecting hotels or any local eateries. They are worth it. After all, you are going on a trip to relax and enjoy, not to experiment.
  • Make sure you return to your room before it gets too dark as you cannot expect a hill station to have night life and many hill stations are often darker and lonelier once sun sets.
  • Carry all the required medicines in extra doses, especially if you are have any ailments like asthma, sinusitis,cold and cough. Pack inhalers, balms, pain relievers and other basic medicines in your baggage.
  • Don't embark on any own adventures like bathing in waterfalls or rock climbing, especially if there is a warning not to do so. Always abide to the instructions given by your guide or locals or notice boards.
  • Try to avoid polluting the pure environment by not encouraging polythene. Use handmade paper bags wherever you can.
  • Carry woolen wear and keep your body warm. Temperatures on hill stations are very low compared to cities, though in summer.
  • Keep money ready in your wallet and never rely on ATM's. Else you will have to keep on searching for one or will end up waiting in a big queue before it.
  • During return trip while you are descending the hill or mountain in a bus or any other vehicle, chew bubble gum or keep cloves or elachi in your mouth to avoid any disturbing sensations.


The gushing waves, the cool sea breeze, the sand below our feet and droplets of wave water falling on us are sure to bring joy to oneself. Many options are available for beach lovers both in India and internationally to relax and chill themselves. If certain do' s and don't s are followed, a trip to beach is really memorable.

  • Beaches are best enjoyed during sunrise and sunset. Never miss that opportunity.
  • Wear sunscreen lotion before starting to beach. Sun's rays are harshest at beaches, especially at noon.
  • Wear life jackets before going on any ride into sea, however proficient you are at swimming.
  • If you are going with kids, never ever let them into water without parental guidance, not even for playing. Maintain certain distance from waves and find some safer place for your kid to play in sand.
  • Abide to warnings or notice boards indicating "No swimming zone" or "No bikini zone". They are for your safety and decency.
  • Never comment the locals or anyone and avoid unwanted headaches.
  • Don't go into water once the sun sets or if you are in drunken state.


India is a land of temples and traditions. Many famous temples dates back to centuries ago and are known for their importance both historically and religiously. Either you visit a temple for the blessing of the deity or to watch the unmatchable architecture, you will certainly not be disappointed. Here are some tips to enjoy a trip to any religious place:

  • Respect the rules of the temple and abide to them. If time permits, read on web about the temple, its history and other rules and timings to be followed, prior to the visit.
  • Wear traditional dress before entering the temple. You will notice a newer you once you enter the temple.
  • Many local sellers sell books on that particular temple. Make sure you buy one before entering the temple to understand the importance of each and every inch of the temple. The books are really worth full.
  • Avoid wearing chappals or carrying electronic gadgets to the temple. Else you will have to waste your time in their deposit counter queue lines.
  • If the temple has facilities like free food, make sure not to miss it. You will nurture the taste till your next visit.
  • Take care of your children and don't put heavy ornaments on them.
  • Don't tease the animals belonging to the temple like elephants, horses or cows.
  • Don't encourage or entertain non veg or alcohol or any illegal activities in temple premises. 


 A trip to a city is really easier and more convenient compared to all other locations since all facilities like hotels, transport, medicines,ATM's etc are available easily. When you are visiting any city or for that instance any place outside your state, learn basic communication in that local language so that you are at ease. Also don't forget to taste the best local famous food at the best eatery at that place. Enjoy your shopping while taking care of your wallet. Bring home the famous items of that place and also lovable memories.


When on an adventurous trip or romantic trip to forests, take care you have all medicines, extra food like bread, biscuits, medicines, mobile is finding signal, cash in purse (not ATM card alone) and nearby hotels, hospitals and emergency contact numbers with you. Don't go in dark or before sunrises, without your guide.

Monday, 27 January 2014

Tips for breastfeeding mothers

Tips for breastfeeding mothers

Nothing can replace mother's milk for an infant up to six months..It protects the child from various infections and helps in all round development by providing all required nutrients. If you are a proud mother breastfeeding your child, then these tips are just for you....

If you want to get increased milk production, increase your intake of milk. Drink minimum 3 glasses of milk and mix herbal supplements like satavari to boost the result.

Increase your calorie intake as suggested by your doctor by taking in healthy and nutritious foods to compensate for the feeding.

Drink more liquids to quench your thirst...preferably opt for boiled water because it is safe for you and your baby.

Don't hurry to lose weight. Enjoy the beauty of motherhood and ensure that your body gets all the required nutrients by eating variety of foods.

Eat all kinds of foods so that your baby gets all those nutrients through milk. Do simple exercises like walking, stretching and kegel exercises. Hitting gym, swimming, running, riding or other adventurous activities are strict no no's at least up to six months after delivery.

Don't try to be super mom and do all on your own. Sharing tasks is best for you at this time. Take support of your family members or appoint a maid to help you.

Open your heart with your beloved husband and talk about any inconvenience in love life. There's nothing that cannot be solved through discussion.

Take proper care about your own self as you do to your child. A happier mom means a happier family. Share all your feelings with your loved one, meditate and relax yourself emotionally.

Maintain proper hygiene. Consult your doctor in case of any minor inconvenience and self medication is not suggested.

Consume coriander, cumin, fenugreek, asafetida, spinach, milk, ghee, ginger, garlic and easily digestable home made sweets.

Don't consume hard to digest foods like junk foods, deep fries, oily foods, cheese, excessive non veg foods etc.

Take regular massages with herbal oils to improve your immunity and to relax you. Keep yourself warm always.

Compensate your disturbed night sleep by sleeping in the day time.

Relax and think just only about you and your baby till you strengthen emotionally and physically.

Simple foods to keep you active!!!

Simple foods to keep you active

All of us have a common experience of feeling tired and inactive just few hours after starting our day. To maintain energy levels throughout the day and make our day more active, little changes in the diet can make wonders. Instead of opting for high calorie junk foods for instant energy, select from multiple options hidden in our kitchen. Lets have a look at few of those!!!

Oats: Makes your body feel lighter by aiding digestion, controlling body weight apart from providing various required nutrients. Include a cup of oats in your diet either in breakfast or as a snack. 

Liquids: Take sufficient amount of liquids in the form of water, soups, green tea, butter milk and fruit juices to regulate energy levels throughout the day. 

Iron: If you are a woman and feeling fatigue frequently, get your hemoglobin levels checked and ensure you get sufficient amount of iron.Also increase intake of foods rich in vitamin C as it improves iron absorption by our body.Spinach, tofu, eggs,pumpkin, sesame, cereals are some of the veg foods rich in iron. Citrus fruits, chillies, curd and fresh fruits are some of easily available sources of vitamin C. 

Fresh fruits and vegetables: Ditch regular tea and samosa as snacks.Have a cup of fruits dashed with dry fruits as mid meal before lunch. and snack on a cup of raw or boiled veggies in the evening. Follow for a week and notice the enhanced energy levels in you. 

Curd: Though it looks very simple, a cup of curd  provides energy required throughout the day. The protein present in curd is very good for health. Curd can be included as a part of meal or can be taken as a snack by dashing some fruits and dry fruits. 

Dry fruits: Nothing beats a handful of dry fruits in providing instant energy. Carry nuts and dry fruits  with you and make sure to include as many varieties as possible to get more benefits.


Avoid sugar and other artificial sweeteners in juices,curd, butter milk or any other foods you intake for better results.

Opt for low fat curd and milk if you are conscious of gaining weight.

Basic facts about brown rice

Basic facts about brown rice

One of the foods that has joined the super food list in the recent days is Brown rice. Though it has been the part of our grand parents diet, recent generations had neglected it and opted for polished rice. However, the increasing health consciousness among people made this super food into their grocery shopping list entry. Brown rice rice offers multiple benefits compared to polished rice.

  • Since only outer layer is removed, brown rice retains all minerals and vitamins that enhances the taste and nutrition levels.
  • Our stomach feels full very early after consuming  brown rice leading to reduced intake of food.
  • The fibre in brown rice reduces constipation and protects large intestine. 
  • Helps reduce cholesterol and prevents diabetes, obesity and menstrual problems.
  • Regularizes menstrual cycle by improving hormonal activity.
  • Selenium present in brown rice protects heart. Taking starch made of brown rice improves our energy levels contains vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B12 in sufficient levels. 


  • Brown rice is best cooked with open lid method than under pressure cooking process.
  •  If you are planning to start including brown rice in your diet, don't suddenly jump into it. Start with 2-3 times a week for 3 months and gradually increase the frequency.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Lemony beauty !!

Lemony beauty

All of us know the age old secret of using lemon for speedy fat loss...drinking a glass of lukewarm water with lemon juice and honey mixed in it. Well, lemon offers multiple benefits in other ways too!!!

  • Slice a lemon, dip in sugar and massage on face smoothly. Wash off after 15 mins. This is an excellent tip for removing dead cells.
  • Dip a cotton ball in lemon juice and rub on area affected with black heads. It removes bacteria and acne on face. Do this weekly thrice and check the result after two weeks.
  • Bleaching property of lemon makes it an effective aid for improving skin tone. Make a paste of juice of half lemon and half tablespoon honey. Apply this mixture on face and wash off after 15 minutes. Repeat this twice a week.
  • Mix juice of half slice of lemon in a mug of water. Pour this water on your hair as the last mug of water during head bath. It excellently conditions your hair.
  • To lighten dark underarms, thighs, knees and elbows follow this tip. Mix a spoon of coconut oil or olive oil with a spoon of lemon juice and massage slowly on required area. Wash off after one hour with warm water. Repeat for a month for persistent result.


It is not suggested to use lemon juice alone as a pack, since it is very concentrated. Mix it with other ingredients suited to your skin type and give a minimum gap of one day between two applications to avoid any unwanted results, especially if you are using it on face.

Amazing beauty benefits of Curd !!

Amazing beauty benefits of Curd

Curd forms an integral part of a typical Indian meal. Besides aiding good health, it offers amazing beauty benefits too!!!

  • Instead of spending on costly hair conditioners, opt for this simple yet effective tip. Mix curd with lemon juice or paste of fenugreek seeds (soak them overnight and make a paste) and apply to hair. Rinse after an hour with warm water. See the charm curd does on your hair!!!
  • A mixture of honey and curd when applied over body while bathing effectively removes dead skin cells.
  • To reduce appearance of aging lines and wrinkles, apply a paste of curd, oat meal and a little olive oil. Just when this starts drying, wash off with lukewarm water.
  • A mixture of lemon juice, gram flour(besan) and curd works as an effective de-tanning treatment.


To get correct benefit of any face/body pack, remember to wash off just when it has dried. Allowing the pack to dry too much increases wrinkles and causes unwanted damage to skin.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Why drink fruit and vegetable juices?

Why drink fruit and vegetable juices
All of us are aware that vegetable juices are good for health. But how many of us really drinks them atleast once a day in practice? Well, if we understand their benefits probably we may opt for them to full fill that particular need at least. Here are some unique advantages offered by specific juices. Select which you need and take a glass at least once a day.

Beetroot  juice drives away fatigue and gives instant energy. It provides vitamin B, C and keeps sugar levels and blood pressure within limits.

Bitter gourd juice benefits diabetes patients and helps manage their blood sugar levels.

One of the juices which saves from dehydration while providing all minerals, vitamins and also doesn't increase our weight how much ever consumed is nothing but watermelon....

Best juice for beauty and health is fresh carrot juice which cures all skin and eye problems too!!


Ladies.. to attain the utmost benefits of these juices best have them without adding sugar or any other artificial sweeteners!!!!!

health benefits of jaggery

health benefits of jaggery

Not all sweets need to be avoided to curb your craving for sweets...sweets made of jaggery can be consumed to attain its magical health benefits!!!

  • Jaggery purifies blood when compared to sugar and provides iron to our body thus reduces anemia.
  • Contains complex carbohydrates and provides energy instantaneously.
  • Purifies lungs and respiratory tract.
  • Contains fibre and hence makes digestion easier.

  • Next time when you feel tired and exhausted, chew a piece of jaggery instead of opting for energy drinks.
  • After a hearty meal if you feel heavy, put a piece of jaggery in your mouth which aids smooth digestion.