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Holidaying tips

Holidaying tips

Who doesn't love to travel, explore and enjoy the beauty of various places?? With changing lifestyle, stress has become an indispensable part of our lives. Many are voting for travel as best option to beat the monotony of life.Whether you are a lonely adventurer or a lovely gang of friends  or a honeymooning couple or a holidaying family or an elderly couple, certainly some precautions need to be taken before you step out of your home on a trip. In this post I made an attempt to cover all the tips required at various places and would really love to listen from your side too......

Hill Stations:

Breathtaking views of valleys with tallest of tall trees, water falls, cool fresh air, the flora and fauna and the views of buildings amidst forests make hill stations the top choice either for a honeymooning couple or for any one to beat the summer heat. The noiseless surroundings and the purest of pure air are sure to promise you a relaxing experience. However, certain precautions need to be taken while on a trip to hill station to make it more memorable.

  • Rely on reviews on web while selecting hotels or any local eateries. They are worth it. After all, you are going on a trip to relax and enjoy, not to experiment.
  • Make sure you return to your room before it gets too dark as you cannot expect a hill station to have night life and many hill stations are often darker and lonelier once sun sets.
  • Carry all the required medicines in extra doses, especially if you are have any ailments like asthma, sinusitis,cold and cough. Pack inhalers, balms, pain relievers and other basic medicines in your baggage.
  • Don't embark on any own adventures like bathing in waterfalls or rock climbing, especially if there is a warning not to do so. Always abide to the instructions given by your guide or locals or notice boards.
  • Try to avoid polluting the pure environment by not encouraging polythene. Use handmade paper bags wherever you can.
  • Carry woolen wear and keep your body warm. Temperatures on hill stations are very low compared to cities, though in summer.
  • Keep money ready in your wallet and never rely on ATM's. Else you will have to keep on searching for one or will end up waiting in a big queue before it.
  • During return trip while you are descending the hill or mountain in a bus or any other vehicle, chew bubble gum or keep cloves or elachi in your mouth to avoid any disturbing sensations.


The gushing waves, the cool sea breeze, the sand below our feet and droplets of wave water falling on us are sure to bring joy to oneself. Many options are available for beach lovers both in India and internationally to relax and chill themselves. If certain do' s and don't s are followed, a trip to beach is really memorable.

  • Beaches are best enjoyed during sunrise and sunset. Never miss that opportunity.
  • Wear sunscreen lotion before starting to beach. Sun's rays are harshest at beaches, especially at noon.
  • Wear life jackets before going on any ride into sea, however proficient you are at swimming.
  • If you are going with kids, never ever let them into water without parental guidance, not even for playing. Maintain certain distance from waves and find some safer place for your kid to play in sand.
  • Abide to warnings or notice boards indicating "No swimming zone" or "No bikini zone". They are for your safety and decency.
  • Never comment the locals or anyone and avoid unwanted headaches.
  • Don't go into water once the sun sets or if you are in drunken state.


India is a land of temples and traditions. Many famous temples dates back to centuries ago and are known for their importance both historically and religiously. Either you visit a temple for the blessing of the deity or to watch the unmatchable architecture, you will certainly not be disappointed. Here are some tips to enjoy a trip to any religious place:

  • Respect the rules of the temple and abide to them. If time permits, read on web about the temple, its history and other rules and timings to be followed, prior to the visit.
  • Wear traditional dress before entering the temple. You will notice a newer you once you enter the temple.
  • Many local sellers sell books on that particular temple. Make sure you buy one before entering the temple to understand the importance of each and every inch of the temple. The books are really worth full.
  • Avoid wearing chappals or carrying electronic gadgets to the temple. Else you will have to waste your time in their deposit counter queue lines.
  • If the temple has facilities like free food, make sure not to miss it. You will nurture the taste till your next visit.
  • Take care of your children and don't put heavy ornaments on them.
  • Don't tease the animals belonging to the temple like elephants, horses or cows.
  • Don't encourage or entertain non veg or alcohol or any illegal activities in temple premises. 


 A trip to a city is really easier and more convenient compared to all other locations since all facilities like hotels, transport, medicines,ATM's etc are available easily. When you are visiting any city or for that instance any place outside your state, learn basic communication in that local language so that you are at ease. Also don't forget to taste the best local famous food at the best eatery at that place. Enjoy your shopping while taking care of your wallet. Bring home the famous items of that place and also lovable memories.


When on an adventurous trip or romantic trip to forests, take care you have all medicines, extra food like bread, biscuits, medicines, mobile is finding signal, cash in purse (not ATM card alone) and nearby hotels, hospitals and emergency contact numbers with you. Don't go in dark or before sunrises, without your guide.

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