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My mom is always 20!!!

My mom is always 20!!!

Open your photo album and compare your photos while you were in college, during your engagement, marriage, before and after your child is born. Thought the outcome is slightly disappointing, but that's the fact of life!! A woman's body undergoes many changes after delivering children. Household tasks, taking care of kids, working at office meeting deadlines, fulfilling family's requirements etc., takes away ladies time leaving no single moment to care about her body.

Most of us take care while we are at college worrying for those pimples or going to parlor without fail, however busy we are with our studies. No need to mention how we care ourselves once marriage is fixed to look our best on that big day. We junk all oil foods, apply face packs, do little exercises to lose weight, take extra care about looks, take more salads to avoid face look oily and all blah blah blah. Once honeymooning is over and we get back into our daily chores whether at work or at home, slowly we start neglecting our body and looks. And when we become mom, that's the end of our beauty maintenance era. Though all these stages cannot be avoided in a woman's life, there is no rule that one need to stop caring our body once they become a mom.

Looking good is not about looking sexy. Looking good is all about gaining confidence in ourselves and attaining success both at work and at home.

When you believe you look good, you don't think twice to open your mind in any meetings or in any occasion. You deliver whatever you want to without any hesitation and get your things done. When you look good and dress accordingly, respect comes to you.

Follow these simple but effective tips to attain your 20's looks and keep maintaining them to win your children's compliment "my mom always looks 20" .

1. Ditch late nights, get a healthy 7 hour sleep and wake up before sunrise:

Don't watch tv too late or work on computer at nights. Keep all those electronic gadgets out of your bedroom and prepare for your better night sleep two hours after your dinner. Wake up before sunrise, get into balcony and enjoy the beauty of sunrise and fresh air. Stretch your body and let your muscles get enough fresh air to keep you active and healthy. Let the sun rays give you enough activeness for the day throughout.

 2. Drink milk or any juice to break your fast within half an hour of rising from bed:

As soon as you wake up, rinse your mouth with water, drink two glasses of water. If you have time, drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice and a tbsp of honey. Honey when mixed with warm water has a property of fighting with bad fat in our body while lemon cleanses our digestive system. After brushing your teeth, make sure you eat or drink something healthy because studies show that those women who don't consume within half an hour of waking up are more prone to anemia. Better options here are tea, coffee, milk or any fresh juice or fruit.

3. Have a healthy and wholesome breakfast, don't skip breakfast for God's sake:

Ensure you get enough protein, fiber and carbohydrates from your breakfast. Opt for traditional menu as it suits your genetic structure and climate. Those who want to reduce weight, have break fast in a reduced quantity, but never skip it. Skipping breakfast is dangerous in the long run. It could lead to diabetes, obesity, anemia and other problems. If you have very small kids whom you need to feed, then first you have your breakfast and then you will have enough energy and patience to feed them. Else it becomes too late by the time you have your breakfast which is not good to your body.

4. Get enough physical exercise:

Since I am talking about moms, I know exercising in the early morning is not possible, especially in the Indian scenario, where moms are flooded with lot of household tasks right from giving bed coffee to husband to packing lunch boxes. If you can wake up around 4.30 or so you can grip some time for exercise but if you can't, never mind. There are alternatives for everything because something is better than nothing.

Break your exercising time into two half an hour intervals or 15 mins intervals in a day and go for simple tasks like spot jogging, skipping without thread,push ups, weight training using dumbbell or a water bottle, do sit ups, climb stairs twice or thrice, walk to the market, walk wherever you can, sit down while cutting vegetables, do house hold work by yourselves (if you are in a small family), sit down while having meals in Indian way or sit down when reading newspaper or watching tv because it gives you enough exercise. In simple words, try what all you can follow from your grandmother's days because those daily tasks only kept them very active. (I am not asking you to cook on a firewood, please be practical!!!)

5. Healthy Snacking:

As a mid meal snack or an evening snack, don't go for samosas and other deep fried items. They may taste well for that moment, but when you look at long run they contribute nothing to your beauty and health. Go for healthier options like a plate of fruits or veg salads with green tea as a mid meal snack. Have a bowl of unsalted popcorn or sweet corn or a brown bread sandwich or a home made veg roll with evening tea.Avoid junk food like noodles, puffs, deep fries, pizzas, burgars, sweets etc. and opt for fruits and veggies instead.

6. Have a wholesome lunch at correct time:

If you are a home maker and you have kids coming home at lunch, have it before they are at home. If at office, ensure you have lunch around 1-2 PM, because our digestive system is most active at that time. Opt for home made lunch, if you are at office because it protects your health and beauty in the long run. Your lunch should comprise rice/rotis with enough veggies, cereals, curd. Don't skip curd or milk to lose weight. Milk and curd helps in weight loss and provides enough calcium which is quite essential to a woman. 

7.Eat variety of foods at regular intervals.

Eating rotis for weight loss is ok but if you keep on eating rotis daily you may get bored of them. Eat variety of food items like cereals, white rice, brown rice, rotis, tiffins,with different combinations so that you don't feel bored and also your body receives  all types of nutrients.Maintain regular timings for meals and don't confuse your biological clock. Consume enough water and liquids to keep your skin glowing.

8. Include raw diet in small portions and gradually increase it.

Raw food like carrot, beetroot, cucumber keeps the level of visceral fat i.e, fat around belly under control. Carry these in your lunch packs and snack at office or include them as a mid noon snack at home. But make sure you eat them at some time. They can also be consumed as juice but don't add sugar in the juice. They keep your skin and body healthy and glowing. Make sure you drink at least a glass of raw veggie juice a day.

9. Spend some time for your beauty:

Find some time to yourself. Get a relaxed oil massage with olive oil or coconut oil once or twice a week followed by a nice head bath. It relaxes you from top to toe. Maintain a daily beauty regime. Check from various options available in your own kitchen. Don't hide or feel shy about taking care of your beauty. Your beauty is your right.

10.Stay Active, Plan ahead and Be positive:

Plan anything in advance, either it is what to cook the next day or the task to be completed at office or what dress you wear at work for next day's meeting- to avoid unnecessary stress. Get enough physical movements at office and don't stick to your chair, take breaks, drink water, have a walk in the lawn to get enough sun exposure. be positive in your thoughts and don't take unnecessary comments to heart. Learn to say NO when you can't do it, heavens are not going to fall down.

11. Open your heart and make some own space:

Share all your emotions with your life partner. Happy married life ensures healthier and longer life for both sexes. Make some space for you and continue your hobbies or learn something new like stitching, painting, dancing, learning new language or write a diary.  Spare some time in a day for your own self.

12. Healthy mom means a healthier family:

Don't ignore your health. Never postpone health checkups or ignore minor ailments. Get regular checkups and meet your doctor to get advice on your health and nutrition. A healthy mom means a healthier family.

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