Monday, 27 January 2014

Simple foods to keep you active!!!

Simple foods to keep you active

All of us have a common experience of feeling tired and inactive just few hours after starting our day. To maintain energy levels throughout the day and make our day more active, little changes in the diet can make wonders. Instead of opting for high calorie junk foods for instant energy, select from multiple options hidden in our kitchen. Lets have a look at few of those!!!

Oats: Makes your body feel lighter by aiding digestion, controlling body weight apart from providing various required nutrients. Include a cup of oats in your diet either in breakfast or as a snack. 

Liquids: Take sufficient amount of liquids in the form of water, soups, green tea, butter milk and fruit juices to regulate energy levels throughout the day. 

Iron: If you are a woman and feeling fatigue frequently, get your hemoglobin levels checked and ensure you get sufficient amount of iron.Also increase intake of foods rich in vitamin C as it improves iron absorption by our body.Spinach, tofu, eggs,pumpkin, sesame, cereals are some of the veg foods rich in iron. Citrus fruits, chillies, curd and fresh fruits are some of easily available sources of vitamin C. 

Fresh fruits and vegetables: Ditch regular tea and samosa as snacks.Have a cup of fruits dashed with dry fruits as mid meal before lunch. and snack on a cup of raw or boiled veggies in the evening. Follow for a week and notice the enhanced energy levels in you. 

Curd: Though it looks very simple, a cup of curd  provides energy required throughout the day. The protein present in curd is very good for health. Curd can be included as a part of meal or can be taken as a snack by dashing some fruits and dry fruits. 

Dry fruits: Nothing beats a handful of dry fruits in providing instant energy. Carry nuts and dry fruits  with you and make sure to include as many varieties as possible to get more benefits.


Avoid sugar and other artificial sweeteners in juices,curd, butter milk or any other foods you intake for better results.

Opt for low fat curd and milk if you are conscious of gaining weight.

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