Monday, 27 January 2014

Tips for breastfeeding mothers

Tips for breastfeeding mothers

Nothing can replace mother's milk for an infant up to six months..It protects the child from various infections and helps in all round development by providing all required nutrients. If you are a proud mother breastfeeding your child, then these tips are just for you....

If you want to get increased milk production, increase your intake of milk. Drink minimum 3 glasses of milk and mix herbal supplements like satavari to boost the result.

Increase your calorie intake as suggested by your doctor by taking in healthy and nutritious foods to compensate for the feeding.

Drink more liquids to quench your thirst...preferably opt for boiled water because it is safe for you and your baby.

Don't hurry to lose weight. Enjoy the beauty of motherhood and ensure that your body gets all the required nutrients by eating variety of foods.

Eat all kinds of foods so that your baby gets all those nutrients through milk. Do simple exercises like walking, stretching and kegel exercises. Hitting gym, swimming, running, riding or other adventurous activities are strict no no's at least up to six months after delivery.

Don't try to be super mom and do all on your own. Sharing tasks is best for you at this time. Take support of your family members or appoint a maid to help you.

Open your heart with your beloved husband and talk about any inconvenience in love life. There's nothing that cannot be solved through discussion.

Take proper care about your own self as you do to your child. A happier mom means a happier family. Share all your feelings with your loved one, meditate and relax yourself emotionally.

Maintain proper hygiene. Consult your doctor in case of any minor inconvenience and self medication is not suggested.

Consume coriander, cumin, fenugreek, asafetida, spinach, milk, ghee, ginger, garlic and easily digestable home made sweets.

Don't consume hard to digest foods like junk foods, deep fries, oily foods, cheese, excessive non veg foods etc.

Take regular massages with herbal oils to improve your immunity and to relax you. Keep yourself warm always.

Compensate your disturbed night sleep by sleeping in the day time.

Relax and think just only about you and your baby till you strengthen emotionally and physically.