Saturday, 25 January 2014

Why drink fruit and vegetable juices?

Why drink fruit and vegetable juices
All of us are aware that vegetable juices are good for health. But how many of us really drinks them atleast once a day in practice? Well, if we understand their benefits probably we may opt for them to full fill that particular need at least. Here are some unique advantages offered by specific juices. Select which you need and take a glass at least once a day.

Beetroot  juice drives away fatigue and gives instant energy. It provides vitamin B, C and keeps sugar levels and blood pressure within limits.

Bitter gourd juice benefits diabetes patients and helps manage their blood sugar levels.

One of the juices which saves from dehydration while providing all minerals, vitamins and also doesn't increase our weight how much ever consumed is nothing but watermelon....

Best juice for beauty and health is fresh carrot juice which cures all skin and eye problems too!!


Ladies.. to attain the utmost benefits of these juices best have them without adding sugar or any other artificial sweeteners!!!!!

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