Friday, 28 February 2014

10 ideas to spend weekend at home

Weekend is a big dream for all those who work out of their homes for five or six consecutive hectic days. Most of the plans or tasks shall be waiting for their completion during weekends. Also spending a weekend out, say shopping, movies, restaurants, parks etc. is what most families do,but cannot be followed every time practically because of budget issues. Here a 10 different ideas that you can involve in to spend your weekends at home.

1. Experiment with new recipes: Try new recipes and bring that restaurant taste at home. Involve your hubby and kids to help you out.

2. Spend some time for your beauty: Care your hair and skin. Massage your hair with oil and apply a home made hair pack. Massage for an hour your body with oil and have a relaxed rejuvenating bath. See how time passes by without your notice.

3. Wash your car: Make your car shine by cleaning it all by yourselves. This way you burn some more calories too. Involve your kids and let them enjoy that water play !!

4. Attack your wardrobe: Go through all your clothes and see if they need any alterations. See if you can try new mix and match combinations. Arrange all those dresses which you want to wear that following week.

5. Open your photo album: Take a cup of coffee in your hand, go  to your balcony with your photo album. Share all those lovely moments with your kids and get drowned into those memories.

6. Write a dairy or planner: In your hectic schedule, you may not find time to write your dairy daily. Do it in your weekends. Note all the bills to be paid or appointments that following week in your planner.

7. Burn more calories: Do workout an hour more than you usually do. Split them into two half an hour intervals and do it in the morning and evening. Meditate for some more extra time and get refreshed.

8. Care your plants: Check the condition of your plants. Water, trim and care them. See if they need fertilizers or replace the soil in the pots.

9. Outdoor activities: Play outdoor games with your kids. Introduce them the games you played in your childhood. Spend some more time with your pet. It is also missing you on weekdays.

10. Re-decor you home: Change the curtains, bed sheets  and pillow covers etc. If possible, re arrange your furniture and bring a new look to your home.

As for me, in addition to all the above, I do three more things on weekends. Any guesses?? Sleeping sleeping and sleeping!! Yes, sleep an hour or two more on your weekends and make your body ready for the next week.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Amazing ways you can use Cloves !!

Born in Indonesia and available easily throughout the world, Cloves make a wonder spice in terms of its health benefits apart from its spicy flavor. They are most commonly used in preparation of spicy recipes. Almost in every Indian spice box, cloves are a must. Many home cures are available with this wonder spice for various problems. Let's check out all those health benefits that can be obtained from this spice.

1. Nasal and bronchial problems

  • Nasal problems like cold, cough,sinusitis, sneezes and bronchial problems like asthma and bronchitis  can be put under control using cloves.
  • Boil 6 cloves in 5 cups of water and wait till they become 2 cups. Drink this decoction twice a day to get relief from all the above problems. 
  • You can also inhale the vapor while they are boiling to get relief from blocked nose.
  • Apply clove oil on your handkerchief and inhale its smell frequently to breathe easily during cold and flu.

2. Indigestion and stomach disorders

  • Diarrhea, worms in stomach, vomitings, giddiness can be controlled by drinking the decoction made of cloves.
  • Mix powder of 2 cloves and a spoon of sugar in a glass of cold water. Drink this to get immediate relief from acidity.

3. Sex life enhancer and de alcoholic:

Regular usage of cloves in foods proved to improve your sexuality.  Chewing cloves also suppresses the desire to consume alcohol.

4. Tooth problems:

  • Chew very slowly two cloves and swallow its juice twice a day. This relieves you from tooth pain.
  • Apply clove oil on your teeth to suppress that pain.

5. Antioxidants:

Cloves are rich in anti-oxidants and help in fighting aging, obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer, cancer and arthritis.
Have them daily a two to attain their benefits.


Like any other food or medicine, excessive consumption of cloves is also not suggested. A healthy person can chew up to three cloves a day to attain its amazing benefits.

5 home made masks to fix split ends

Split ends are a very common hair problem every lady faces, no matter how much care is taken. They are caused due to various factors like excessive hair treatments, lack of proper diet, excessive shampooing and frequent exposure to pollution and sun. Any type of hair, be it short or long, or dry,oily or normal can be affected with split ends. Once a hair splits, its growth becomes stunted and it grows no longer. Trimming them is the only solution.

Try these 5 home made masks at least once a week to provide enough nutrients to your hair from outside too and regular use of these will prevent split ends for sure.

Mask 1:

Blend a ripe banana,egg white,2 spoons olive oil, 2 spoons curd and a spoon of lemon juice. Apply this paste to your hair from the roots. Wait for 45 mins and wash off with very mild shampoo.

Mask 2:

Paste fresh hibiscus leaves and flowers and apply it to your hair roots. Wash off after 45 mins and see your hair glow !!

Mask 3: (If fresh leaves are not available)

Mix in a bowl 5 spoons hibiscus powder, 2 spoons fenugreek powder, 2 spoons aloevera powder, 2 spoons amla (gooseberry) powder, 2 spoons olive oil and a handful of curd. Let it soak for an hour, and apply to your hair. Wash off after half an hour.

All these powders are readily available in super markets.

Mask 4:

Mix castor oil 2 spoons, olive oil 1 spoon, coconut oil 1 spoon and almond oil 1 spoon thoroughly. Massage your hair very gently from roots to the tip. Apply on the tips too. Wait for two hours and wash with a herbal shampoo. For best results, you can also massage at night, wear a shower cap and go to bed. Wash off in the morning.

Mask 5:

Blend ripe papaya pieces a cup, half cup curd and two spoons olive oil. Apply this mix to your hair and wash off after half an hour.


After applying all these packs, wait till they dry and wash off with warm water and herbal shampoos. Avoid chemical shampoos for best results. A hair pack can be applied once a week for best results.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Shilparamam- An ethnic village in a Hitech City

My dad and brother paid a surprise visit to our home last summer when my brother had just finished his secondary school exams. My son was reluctant to go to his play school on that day, at the sight of his maternal uncle. I had to agree for that and we planned to spend that day out. But my lovely hubby as usual had to go to his office, since it being a working day. Finally we decided to visit Shilparamam, which is located just opposite CyberTowers, in Hyderabad, India. It was just a few km from our home and also on the way to my hubby's office. My husband dropped all of us- my dad, bro, son and me at the entrance and wished us a good day out, and proceeded to his office.

Shilparamam is a ethnic village which replicates the traditional Andhra village culture and life style. As one steps in, the cool breeze and the neat corridors welcomes them and takes them into a village mood. Many handmade pottery items, sculptures, idols, models etc are showcased here which depict the true village culture of Telugu people. It consists of rural museum, rock garden, boating, art gallery and sculpture park. 

Shoppers find lots and lots of items to shop on. You can spend more than a half day just in shopping hundreds of traditional dresses, ladies accessories, temporary tattoos, hand bags, jewellery, dresses and many more. Handicrafts and traditional Hyderabadi pearls are also available in plenty here. A canteen serves many snack options including variety of Indian menu ,fruits and juices.

Though I had filled my album with the pics from this ethnic place, I am sharing only a few of them here. Rest you come and see with your own eyes and enjoy this village beauty.

Replicate of an Indian farmer with his bulls

A model of village house with a well in front of it and farmer with his bulls

An art from the Art gallery, showing a dance form of village women of Andhra

My dad and son  at the pottery area

Farmer at work- Sculpture

Wife and husband doing field work together- Sculpture

Replicate of a village woman drawing water from a well

Sculpture of Lord Buddha sitting on a lotus at the Rock garden

Scorpion replicates made out of metallic waste

A model showing a potter  family with their  works around

Mother's love - pottery work

A crow made of metallic waste

A model view of traditional Andhra village during festivals

A model showing a village man cutting wood

A village lady at kitchen work

My son playing with the horse and elephant made of clay

P.S:  In the evening, till my husband returned from office came and picked us,we all didn't know how the time passed that day!!

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Mudras for health and beauty

Mudras are a gift of Ayurveda. They have been very prominent since the vedic times in India. Simply stating, a mudra comprises of touching two or more fingers with a relaxed mind. This creates and increases the positive energy of one's body and soul. Various mudras are in prominence for problems relating to spine, memory loss, stress relief, blood pressure, urinary problems, ear problems, eye sight, insomnia, beauty and a lot others. Infact, more than thousand mudras are presented in ancient ayurveda. However, only a hundred and above are in practice now a days.

The benefit of practicing mudras can be experienced when one believes them and practices them daily. they can be easily practiced any time any where, the only requisite is concentrate on your breathe for better and faster results. No specific time duration or time in the day or seating rules are prescribed. While practicing them, sit straight if you are in sitting posture either at office or in car or anywhere. If you can, cross your both legs one on the other and keep your spine straight for best results. The time you can allot for mudras is all up to your convenience and depends on the intensity of your health problem. It is suggested to stay away from drinking and consuming non veg foods to attain best results.

Few important mudras are presented here. For an exhaustive list of mudras, consult a certified yoga trainer or multiple sites and books offer you the mudras. You can practice them on your own too.  I found the book "Mudras: Yoga in your hand" by Gertrud Hirschi useful.

Gyan Mudra- Removes all negative thoughts, keeps anger and stress at a bay

Prithvi Mudra- Removes vitamin deficiencies from the body

Shunya Mudra- Relieves ear aches and cures deafness (not by birth)

Surya mudra- Controls obesity and reduces heaviness of the body

Vayu mudra- Relieves joint pains and helps fight paralytic condition

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Beauty routine to glow naturally !!

All the beauty conscious ladies very well know that their daily beauty routine must contain four important steps: Cleaning, Toning, Exfoliating and Moisturizing. Well, tons of products are available in the beauty stores which help in these process. However, that natural glow can also be brought to one's body using these simple, easy, ready home made ingredients. That too with absolutely no side effects!!!


Nothing beats raw milk when it comes to cleansing. Dip a ball of cotton and gently cleanse your face and neck with it. Wait for 3 min and wash off with plain water.


Use a mixture of cucumber juice and rose water to tone your skin.


Use these home made scrub to solve this purpose. Mix a tbsp of orange peel powder with curd or milk. Add few drops of lemon juice if desired. Apply this pack in upward movements on to face and neck. Wash gently after drying.


Apply a mix of curd or milk cream, a tbsp of orange juice and a tbsp of lemon juice. Massage gently in circular motion and wash after 15 mins.

Follow this routine twice a week and enjoy that natural glow in your skin!!

Friday, 21 February 2014

Rameswaram.. The Divine Island!!

Rameswaram, an island in the state of Tamilnadu,India, is known for its mythological importance in the Hindu religion and is one of the popular divine tourist destinations in India. It is located on the Pamban island separated from mainland India by the Pamban channel. Pamban bridge joins Rameswaram with mainland India. Sri Lanka is just 50 km from here.

 The amazing beauty of this island is the calmness of the sea waves. It looks very scenic and peaceful and you can walk into the sea almost for 2-3 kilometers. Tourism and fishing are the main occupations here. The food is of traditional south Indian style and is lip smacking, however all styles of Indian food ,including Gujarati, Marathi, Rajasthani is also available here. Being an island, the temperatures are always higher than the usual.

The sunrise view on the island is amazing. If you plan a trip to Rameswaram, make sure that you stay a day or two in the Pamban island too. It offers you awesome peace and totally relaxes your body, mind and soul. Shopping in Rameswaram is a lot of fun, variety of items made of shells and pure conch are available at very affordable prices. 

These shots from my trip will give you a glimpse of the beauty of this divine island.

Eye catching views of the Pamban island as you enter Rameswaram through the Pamban bridge.
The Rameswaram temple tower. This temple has tremendous mythological importance for Hindus. The temple has 22 wells. Devotees believe that bathing in these wells purifies them from all their sins.

The Ramanathaswamy temple tower with sea in the back ground

House of Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam, a well renowned personality
Kothandarama temple, where it is believed that Rama throned Vibhishana, the brother of Ravana, as the emperor of Sri Lanka, after winning Ravana in a battle.
Temple of Hanuman (lieutenant of Sri Rama)  on the Ganthamadhana Parvatam
The gushing waves at Dhanushkodi, a town around 20kms from Rameswaram. Unlike the sea at the temple, waves here are always fierce. Bathing,playing  or swimming in the water here is strictly prohibited. Below is a notice board put up by the local government regarding this. Sri Lanka is roughly 15kms from here.              
It is always suggested to visit this mystical place during the day along with a guide and return before sunset. Local taxis and auto drivers refuse to guide you here as it gets darker. This is a very mysterious place after sunset.
An inscription showing details of the horrible 1964 cyclone, which converted Dhanushkodi  into a ghost city. This place is declared by the government as unfit for human living, since then.
A board showing the views of Dhanushkodi, before the devastating cyclone.
Remnants of the rail track that was destroyed during the 1964 cyclone along the beach road at Dhanushkodi.
The beautiful view of this white sand beach never ends as you travel across Rameswaram.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Gift your kids the Mother Tongue!!

A kid is born in his Mother Tongue. It is the parents'  responsibility that their kids develop an interest and love on it. In this globalized world, though one has to communicate excellently in their official language, it doesn't mean that they neglect their mother tongue. All of our basic needs- hunger, anger, cry, prayer, love, helplessness ,fear and all our emotions involuntarily jump out of us in our mother tongue, unless otherwise.

Parents can create interest in their children by teaching them the script, telling short stories, teaching them some poems, playing word games, encouraging them to read children's books printed in their mother tongue and giving importance to speak in mother tongue at home. Mother tongue is our second identity, first being our birth country. If we neglect these, we lose our identity. On foreign lands to which we are new, encountering a person speaking our native language gives us a lot of support and courage. Such is its power!!

On this International Mother Language day (Feb 21), let us take an oath that we love our first language ,pass it on to our generations and protect our identity!!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

I love my pet!!

Pets are our best companions to share our joys and lessen our griefs. They love us deep from our heart without any selfishness. Leave them alone at home during the day and return in the evening after a hectic day, they welcome you with their love by licking on your face and wagging their tails. Their eyes are always filled with hope and confidence. Loving them makes us peaceful and life a whole one. Many cases are there where human being gets cheated by other human, but never by their pets. All they know is being faithful and loyal, enjoying their life without worries, giving companionship to their owners and loving them unreasonably.

LadiesBulletin wishes all the pet lovers and proud pet owners a Happy I Love My Pet Day (20th Feb).

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Easy remedies for Piles/Hemorrhoids

Piles/ hemorrhoids can be very painful and effect our social life too. Simple remedies can help a lot in avoiding and relieving piles.

Why they occur?

  • Pregnancy, miscarriages, high risk deliveries
  • High indulging in spicy food, deep fried items, packed foods, foods high in salt content.
  • Drinking tea and coffee beyond limits
  • Frequent travelers who neglect their diet
  • Sitting on a hard seat for prolonged durations.
Home remedies:

  • Eat more fiber rich food daily. Opt more on green leafy vegetables, carrots, beetroots,cabbage, radish, mangoes, bananas, pineapples and oranges.
  • Drink coconut water and buttermilk frequently.
  • Use smooth cushions to sit.
  •  Avoid heavy exercises and late nights.
  • Mix a cup of curd and a spoon of fenugreek and eat daily.
  • Consume raw food more and cut down on heavily fried or junk foods.
  • Drink water sufficiently.
  • While on travel, opt for fresh fruits and veggies, drink enough water, have dried fruits like almond and figs.
  • Opt for whole grains and cut down usage of grains in polished  form.

If you spot bleeding or if the pain is severe, don't delay in visiting doctor.

6 tips to soothe dry skin

Tried moisturizers to get relief from dry skin? Whenever possible, follow these easy home tips too, which are efficient and cost effective and without any side effects.

Aloevera :

Slice an aloevera leaf at its side and massage that fresh pulp on to the dry skin. Leave it overnight or atleast one hour before bath. Easy and absolutely no side effects.


Add a cup of milk to your bath water. You can also massage your body with milk cream half an hour before bath. You can also add oats powder to milk or curd and massage with it. Very widely followed tip and effective too!!

Egg white:

Mix egg white and honey apply on desired areas. Wash off with warm water after it dries. Your skin breathes with this mask.


Mash a ripe banana  and add honey if desired. Massage your body and bathe after half an hour. Your skin turns simply smooth!!


Massage your body with sesame oil or coconut oil or olive oil an hour before bath. Bathe with warm water. Enjoy that smooth and glowing skin!!

Monday, 17 February 2014

Boost your brain power!!

In the olden days, loss of memory, greying of hair, poor eyesight, hearing disabilities, joint pains etc. were the signs of ageing. However, all these have become common ailments in the present generations owing to pollution in terms of water, air, sound, food, radiation and unhealthy lifestyle habits.

Many of us have the common experiences of forgetting our passwords, searching for spectacles, keys, mobile etc.,, Sometimes words doesn't strike to our mind when we are talking something in front of everyone or we may not able to recollect very recent happenings. Though all these occur for everyone every now and then, things turn serious if they occur too frequently. That means you are not taking care of your brain that may push you into unwanted consequences. Let's see all those easy changes and implementations in our daily life which help us to boost our brain power.


  • If you are a right handed person, use your left hand to do your daily tasks like picking up phone call, locking the door, drinking coffee, collecting fruits in a market, brushing your teeth, bathing etc. This keeps both sides of your brain active.
  • Get a happy eight hour sleep. Sleep rejuvenates brain cells. Remember that early to bed and early to rise is very good for you brain's health.
  • When you see some object or any thing, try recollecting its alternate form. For example, when an apple strikes your mind, instead of opting for a red colored image in your brain, try feeling its smell and taste. If you remember a puppy, recollect its barking and wagging of tail along with its look. By doing so, you can keep all your senses active.
  • Involve in more mind games like sudoku, chess, crosswords, puzzles,memory games etc. and make them a part of your daily routine.
  • Develop a hobby which is entirely different from your profession. For example, if you are a software engineer, you can opt on writing stories, songs, cartoons, learn cooking, craft making, gardening etc.
  • Be a student lifelong. Always keep learning something. Studies say a higher educated person is less likely to develop dementia. You can learn new languages, go for some certifications, research on some interesting topics etc.
  • Positive thoughts are always good to your mind. Stay positive and be in those companion who encourages you.
  • Exploring to new places helps your mind to relax.
  • Don't stay alone.Socialize more with people. participate in sports, functions and all other gatherings. It helps to keep your brain active in the long run.
  • Stimulate your senses as far as possible. Use different aromas for bathing, in the car, in the bedroom, at the office etc.
  • Focus on a topic and don't get distracted.
  • Learn ten new difficult words daily along with their spellings and revise them daily.
  • Try to remember all the phone numbers, license numbers, passwords etc. Revise them regularly and depend less on electronic gadgets.
  • If you know different languages, keep speaking daily at various occasions. People who speak more than three languages are good at brain power.
  • Watch less television and spend time outdoors or any other activity. 


  • Aerobic exercises pumps more oxygen to your brain cells. Do brisk walking, cycling, treadmill, cross training, swimming, jogging etc.
  • Meditate and relax. Studies proved those who meditate daily are less likely to forget than those who don't.
  • Yoga is always at your help. Specified asanas are designed in yoga which improves your brain health. Follow them with your instructor's advice.


The list of foods given below provides essential nutrients for brain functioning.
  • Green and black teas
  • Filter Coffee once a day
  • Dark chocolates
  • Blueberries
  •  Flax seeds
  • Food rich in fiber like fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Pulses, whole grains
  • Nuts, seeds
  • Onions
  • Eggs, meat, Salmon
  • Avacado
Remember to cut down on sugar, junk food, smoking, heavy drinking. Don't opt for fad diets or meals at irregular timings. Follow your body clock designed for your genes and don't skip meals.