Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Vital Nutrients for the elderly

Age healthily
Health is more important than any other in old age.

Aging is the process that always worries anyone. Nobody wants a older age suffering from health problems, nobody to take care and sometimes feeling burden to their own selves. Along with regular health checkups, proper diet and exercise are important for elderly to stay active and healthy. Women in the older age tend to be more weak and fragile because of many issues like menopause, anemia, joint pains and many other problems. Here is a list of nutrients that need to be taken in for elderly women that helps them overcome their health issues.
  1. Calcium: Required for active functioning of bones and found in milk,eggs, cereals, cabbage, cauliflower and soy products.
  2. Folic acid: Responsible for heart protection and formation of new red blood cells. Consumption of leafy vegetables, eggs, citrus fruits and pulses provides them to our body.
  3. Vitamin D: Fat less milk, cur and milk products this vitamin which is responsible for bone density.
  4. Vitamin B12: Responsible for keeping anemia under control and helps fight depression, anxiety and memory loss. Easily available from eggs, milk,fish and chicken. Supplements also can be taken under medical guidance.
Ensure that the diet for elderly people contains above nutrients to keep them active and healthy.

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